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One, borrow in renovation of rollers
Customers with old change new roller roller (Fan Xinpin), a roller core exchange, our company will charge the cost of renovation of rubber roller core and 10% repair costs, it can achieve "zero" waiting for pickup, solution as pressing danger to customers.
* this service only to the common imported models (KOMORI, Roland, Heidelberg, KBA), if the customer requires a subscription to this business, please contact our company query inventory.
Two, check the core
The use of professional instrumentation, diagnostics for older roller core due to customer use, storage, improper maintenance or natural loss caused a roller core bearing wear or deformation of roller and so on, discover problems in a timely manner, to avoid unnecessary loss in the production process and production accidents. This service is free, detection, such as need of repair will be charge.
Three, mounting and dismounting of bearings or accessories
Use the professional tools to assemble and disassemble old roll core bearing or accessories, and cleaning and checking of parts, reduce customer factory non standard mounting and dismounting method for parts damage.